Dirk Van Eeckhout — Permanent Representation of Belgium to the Council of Europe

Having two masters in philosophy and management, the ambassador’s interests vary as much as his impressive hat collection. Mr Van Eeckhout has represented Belgium in Japan, Nigeria and Chile. Recently, he chaired the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe from November 2014 until May 2015. More specifically to the topic of the debate, he is the Thematic Coordinator for the Information Policy (TC-INF) at the Council of Europe, promoting the institution’s standards and instruments on Internet Governance and the Information Society.  In 2015 he participated in the Internet Governance Forum 2015 in João Pessao, Brazil, 10-13 November; the World Forum for Democracy in Strasbourg, 18-20 November; and took part in the Kyev closure event of the EU/CoE joint programm "Strenghtening information society in Ukraine".

You can catch a bigger glimpse into his life and interests (i.e. social media and digital diplomacy) by following him on twitter and LinkedI.

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