Georgiy Gritsai — Open Network Association

Has a degree in mathematics and informatics from Northern International University. Received a professional development degree in information security from the New Information Technology Center of the Federal Agency of Government Communications and Information.

2005-2011: Worked for the Soyuzinform company, which merged with the Armada Group of Companies (ARMD) in 2007. Was responsible for information security products and services. 2010-2011: Information Security Director, Armada Soft and Armada-Center companies. 
Since 2011: department adviser, Ministry of Communications and Mass Media;  
2012-2015: department deputy director, Ministry of Communications and Mass Media. Responsibilities include state policy issues and implementing projects to ensure the safety of information systems, information and telecommunication networks and the public communication network.
Was awarded honorary certificates from the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media and the  Government.

Currently works as an expert for the Open Network Association.

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